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Set up internet connection

Set up internet connectionSet up internet connection

  • Set up Internet at home
  • Everything about DSL, cable or fiber optic connections
  • Practical tips for WiFi & routers

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Compare tariffs for your internet connection

Set up the Internet – set up the Internet at home

To connect to the Internet in your home , preparation is usually half the battle. For example, check whether all hardware and all necessary cables are available and functional.  You either got the hardware, for example a router , from the provider, which in most cases is the cheaper and simpler alternative  . Or you bought a device yourself from an electrical outlet. This option is available to you thanks to the so-called router freedom , which has been in force since August 2016. Since then, Internet providers have been obliged to provide customers with the necessary access data so that their own devices can be used.
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The second and most important aspect to look out for when setting up the Internet connection is the type of connection. Depending on whether you use a DSL, cable or fiber optic connection, the junction boxes and their location in your house or apartment differ. While the telephone socket for Internet connection via DSL is more likely to be found in the hallway or near the front door, the multimedia or cable TV socket for Internet via the television connection is usually in the living room. Fiber  optic sockets (FO junction boxes) are also usually installed in the hallway.
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Connect DSL – this is how you set up your DSL access

Setting  up a new DSL connection is not rocket science. Using simple step-by-step instructions , we explain to you which cable for DSL access goes into which socket and how to set up your DSL Internet access . It’s simpler than you think! To prepare, unpack the hardware package completely and make sure that you have all of the accessories.
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You need the following to set up DSL:

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  1. Telephone or TAE cable

With the telephone or TAE cable with a large F connector on one end and the smaller RJ45 connector on the other end, you can connect router and telephone socket .

  1. LAN cable (network cable)

You need the LAN cable to connect your computer or laptop to the router and thus establish an Internet connection.

  1. DSL router

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Of course you need a DSL router to set up DSL access . A router – preferably with WLAN – is available from the provider or from a specialist retailer with a tariff.

How to connect the DSL connection and the router correctly:

So that the router can communicate with the telephone network and establish a connection to the Internet, connect the telephone / TAE cable to the telephone socket using an F connector . Plug the cable into the middle of the three connections, which is usually marked with the letter “F”. Then connect the telephone cable to the socket labeled “DSL” using the RJ45 plug on the router. You now have to connect your computer to a LAN socket on the router using a LAN cable. It is best to use the first LAN socket for this, as the faster gigabit interfaces are often installed here. Alternatively, you can also connect your computer to the router via WLAN .

Assembly instructions from selected DSL providers

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  • Deutsche Telekom / Speedport W 921V
  • 1 & 1/1 & 1 Homeserver + (AVM FRITZ! Box 7490)
  • o2 / HomeBox 2 (6441)
  • Vodafone DSL / EasyBox 804

Internet via cable – this is how you set up your cable connection

Setting up Internet access via the television cable is just as easy as connecting DSL. Read below which cables you need to set up an Internet connection via a television connection  and which special features you have to pay attention to with the multimedia or television cable socket. First, check that you have all the necessary cables and a suitable router to install wired Internet access.

To set up a cable connection you need:

  1. Data or coaxial cable

You need the data or coaxial cable to connect the multimedia socket to the cable router .
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  1. LAN cable (network cable)

Even with a cable connection, a LAN cable is necessary to connect the router and laptop or PC with each other.

  1. Cable router

For internet via TV cable you need a special  cable router . A DSL router does not work on a cable connection, and vice versa.

How to connect the cable connection and the router:

So that the router can establish a connection to the Internet, connect the data or coaxial cable to the data socket on the multimedia socket . The data socket is marked accordingly and is located in the middle above the two inputs for TV and radio. The cable must be firmly attached. Also connect the data cable to the socket labeled “Cable” on the router. Then connect your computer to the router using a LAN cable via the corresponding socket or you can set up a WLAN .
In the event that at your home no multimedia outlet is present and also the technician, this has not installed (TV and radio socket available, data jack is missing), available by your cable provider an adapter for older sockets available . You can connect the data cable to this attachment.

Assembly instructions from selected cable providers

  • Vodafone Kabel Deutschland / Vodafone Station
  • PŸUR / WLAN cable box
  • Vodafone Unitymedia / Vodafone Station

Internet via fiber optic – this is how you set up a fiber optic connection correctly

You need different hardware for a fiber optic connection than for a cable or DSL connection. These step-by-step instructions will show you how to recognize a fiber optic cable and how to connect it to your fiber optic router. As with any other Internet connection, the same applies to fiber optics: Check in good time before the connection day that all hardware components such as connection cables, LAN cables and routers are available and functional.

To set up a fiber optic connection, you need:

  1. Fiber optic cable

With the  fiber optic cable you connect the router and the fiber optic socket (also called fiber optic or fiber optic socket ).

  1. LAN cable (network cable)

You will then need the LAN cable to connect your computer or laptop to the router and thus establish an Internet connection.

  1. Fiber optic router

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To set up the fiber optic Internet connection, you need a fiber optic router . You can obtain this either directly from the provider or from specialist retailers.

How to connect the fiber optic connection and the router:

First, connect the fiber optic socket to your router using the fiber optic cable . Then you can either network your laptop or PC via LAN with the fiber optic router or set up a WLAN and surf wirelessly.

Setting up an Internet connection – these are the questions other customers have

Many of our customers have the same questions about setting up an Internet connection  or connecting to the Internet when they change provider or make a new connection  . We have summarized the most frequently asked questions and answers here.
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